Monday, 17 November 2008

Hand pick a chocolate heaven hamper

Ever wanted to hand pick the contents of a christmas hamper?

You can now (and get 10% off your order)

Formal Collection - 10 Choc Box A quality selection of 10 of our famous hand made truffles in an extremely smart presentation box. This collection comes with a variety of flavours

Formal Collection - 28 Choc Box A quality selection of 28 of our famous hand made truffles in an extremely smart presentation box. This collection comes with a variety of flavours.

Hazelnut Praline 100gA fine praline produced from richly roasted hazelnuts combined with milk chocolate truffle and enrobed in creamy milk chocolate.

Mixed (non-alcoholic) Chocolate Truffles 100g So you can't decide which flavour to have? Easy - order our assorted bag of truffles! A selection of our most popular non-alcoholic chocolate truffles.

Strawberry and Champagne 100g *Gold Award winner at The Great Taste Awards 2008. A smooth truffle with real strawberry and champagne, dipped in the finest milk chocolate.

Vanilla Ganache 100g A deliciously smooth and creamy ganache infused with vanilla and coated in a layer of rich dark chocolate.

Whiskey Crème 100g Dark chocolate with a rich truffle centre laced with Irish whiskey and enriched with crème.

Chocolate Crunch Clusters 100g Clusters of dark chocolate and crushed corn laced with the sweetness of golden syrup; a very moreish treat.

Cocoa Bean Chocolate Marshmallow Clusters These mini marshmallows clustered with creamy milk chocolate are a sweet and indulgent treat enjoyed by adults and children alike!

Honeycomb Chocolate Crunch 100g Slabs of milk chocolate packed with crunchy chunks of delicious honeycomb. 100g.

Cocoa Bean Hot Chocolate 175g
Cocoa Bean Chocolate Co. combines a flair for flavour with the finest quality ingredients and fun and funky packaging. All the chocolates are handmade and hand wrapped on the west coast of Ireland in the beautiful setting of St Finain’s Bay.

Cocoa Bean Dark Hot ChocolateDark £4.50
Cocoa Bean Dark Hot Chocolate Real pieces of dark chocolate. Simply melt into hot milk and whisk for a decadently rich and seductive hot chocolate.

Dark Hot Chocolate with ChilliChilli £4.50
Dark Hot Chocolate with Chilli Real pieces of dark chocolate with a kick of chilli heat, a classic South American flavour combination this is proper HOT chocolate.

Milk Hot ChocolateMilk £4.50
Milk Hot Chocolate Real pieces of milk chocolate for melting into hot milk and whisk for an irresistibly creamy and chocolatey hot chocolate.

Milk Hot Chocolate with CinnamonCinn £4.50
Milk Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Real pieces of milk chocolate laced with cinnamon to create a thick, luxurious and utterly comforting hot chocolate experience.

Skelligs Chocolate 'Brittle' in Kraft Bag 175g
Crispy Chocolate Bark with a crunchy texture packed in our traditional brown bag.

Mint Brittle
Mint Brittle Thin shards of intense dark chocolate with a burst of mint and a slight crunch. Perfect for with a cup of coffee.

Orange Brittle
Orange Brittle Thin shards of milk chocolate with a light orange flavour and a slight crunch. A moreish chocolate treat, ideal for sharing.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chocolate for Christmas

Amazing chocolate gifts for Christmas

Chocolate Trading Company Christmas Banner (468x60)

A chance to buy some of our fine chocolates at fantastic low prices for a limited period only! Buy here

Michel Cluizel, Luxury Chocolate Boxes Offer

Michel Cluizel, Luxury Chocolate Boxes Offer

Buy the 510g gift box and get the 170g box free! Just £39.95, Normal RRP £57.90!

These beautifully wrapped, luxury chocolate gift boxes contain only superior quality chocolates from the highly respected Michel Cluizel. Containing the purest of ingredients without hydrogenated fats, artificial flavourings and even soya lecithin. Rarely found on the high street and an offer not to miss.

SAVE £17.95!

Buy Now

Michel Cluizel, Origins Tasting Box Offer

Michel Cluizel, Origins Tasting Box Offer

Buy this stunning presentation box of pure origin tasting dics and get two smaller boxes free! Just £26.50, Normal RRP £32.40!

A stunning collection of 70, milk and dark discs from seven different cocoa regions of the world. Includes tasting booklet explaining the superior quality and origins. The perfect gift for the chocolate connoisseur. The free boxes are ideal for stocking fillers or table gifts.

SAVE £6.00!

Buy Now

Michel Cluizel, Single Estate, Dark Bar Offer

Michel Cluizel, Single Estate, Dark Bar Offer

Five, Michel Cluizel Superior Dark Chocolate bars for the price of four! Just £15.80, Normal RRP £21.80!

This amazing offer includes five “single estate” dark chocolate bars from prized plantations in Venezuela, Madagascar, Caribbean, Sao Tome and Papua New Guinea. We are also including 40g of free milk and dark chocolate neapolitans, both awarded a prestigious Gold at the 2008 Great Taste Awards.

SAVE £6.00!

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Michel Cluizel, Speciality Gift Bag Offer

Michel Cluizel, Speciality Gift Bag Offer

Four, Michel Cluizel, Speciality gift bags for the price of three! Just £25.50, Normal RRP £34.00!

Superior quality, dark chocolate enrobed, caramelised almonds, roasted coffee beans and single origin cocoa nibs. Includes a 2nd free bag of cocoa nibs. The ultimate quality, chocolate enrobed fruits and nuts. Finished with sophisticated packaging for the ideal chocolate connoisseur gift at Christmas.

SAVE £8.50!

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Great Taste Awards 2008 Gold Winners

2 Award winning chocolate bars 25% Off! (Usual RRP £7.45) Just £5.58

The Mangaro, 65% cocoa, single origin, dark chocolate bar and the Grand Lait 45% blend, milk chocolate bar, both achieved a much-desired gold at this years Great Taste Awards 2008, often referred to as the Oscars of the food industry, organised by the Guild of Fine Food. We are celebrating these prestigious awards with a great offer so you can experience these two winning Michel Cluizel chocolate bars with a massive 25% off.

SAVE 25%!

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Save even further on these great promotions when you use the code xmas6
to get a further 6% off your order. Hurry though, it expires
on the 31st December 2008!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Chocolate and why it makes a great gift

Here are a few facts you probably didn't know about chocolate and why it's great for a gift;

1. Antioxidant - Feeling icky over the winter period? There have been scientific studies recently that show cocoa has antioxidant properties. Especially in the dark chocolate or high % cocoa chocolate. Chocolate Trading Company have chocolate bars up to 100% cocoa!

2. Aphrodisiac - If you want some loving this Christmas, why not get your loved one some chocolate? Chocolate contains sugar, sugar makes people happy. Chocolate has always traditionally been given as a gift, especially when courting! There are loads of gift boxes to choose from at Chocolate Trading Company. Make your loved one feel special this Christmas with one of these.

3. You can create your own gift hampers -If you don't like strawberry creams or coffee flavoured chocolates, there is no need to worry. At Chocolate Trading Company you can make your own gift hamper.Simply choose the size you wantand fill it with all your favourite chocolates. You can even add wine or champagne to make it extra special. Create your hamper here.

4. Great for parties - If you haven't got a chocolate fountain, now is the time to get one. Chocolate Fountains are great for parties or to use on your own. You can dip all sorts of yummy treats into the fountain, biscuits, fruits and marshmallows are just a few ideas. This Chocolate Fountain comes with some free chocolate to get you started, but if you run out you can get some more in white, milk or dark!

5. Varies in price - Chocolate Trading company cater to all price ranges with the following price selections;

Under £5

£5 - £10

£10 - £20

£20 - £30

£30 - £40

£40 and above

6. You get free stuff! - If you order over £20 worth of chocolate and enter the code "freegift" in the shopping basket, you get a free sampler bag of chocolate including goodies from all the finest chocolate makers in the world. You can even use the freebie as a present it is just that good!

7. You can cook sweet and savory dishes with it -Savoury chocolate? You must be kidding right? Nope, Chocolate Trading Company have a massive range of recipes on their site including 'Ugly Chocolate Omlette' and 'Caviar and Chocolate'. So you can buy some chocolate and create a feast with it.

8. Chocolates for special diets - Chocolate Trading Company have tried to cater for all diets with their massive ranges of chocolates created for all types of diet;

Alcohol Free - for all the tee-totallers this Christmas

Dairy Free

Diabetic/Sugar Free

Soya Leciten Free

Wheat and Gluten Free

9. Organic And Fair Trade Chocolates - For all of us who support the environment and those who work to create the chocolate we consume at Christmas, Chocolate Trading company have a huge range of Organic Chocolates and Fair Trade Chocolates, meaning you can over-indulge completely guilt free!

10. They are fun - No Christmas is complete without getting some form of novelty chocolate. Hanging in your tree or shoving them straight in your mouth, they are great fun and always entertaining over the Christmas period. Check out the massive range of Christmas Gifts and Christmas Novelties Chocolate Trading Company have here.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Chocolates for birthdays

It's my birthday and so far I've been given some Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates and some Thorntons truffles! Yummy!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Christmas Chocolates

Getting round to think about what delicious chocolates you'll be getting this Christmas.

Look at the christmas ranges at various online chocolate shops. Showing you reasons why you should be eating chocolate!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Chocolates for halloween

Buy chocolates for halloween trick or treating with a discount voucher for the Choclate trading co.

20 Chocolate Ghosts
Individual foil wrapped, milk chocolate ghosts. Large quantities available in stock for halloween parties, promotional & advertising use. These chocolate ghosts are sold in mulitples of 20.

20 Chocolate Pumpkins
Individual foil wrapped, milk chocolate pumpkins. Large quantities available in stock for halloween parties, promotional & advertising use. These chocolate pumpkins are sold in mulitples of 20.

20 Chocolate Spiders
Individual foil wrapped, milk chocolate spiders. Large quantities available in stock for halloween parties, promotional & advertising use. These chocolate spiders are sold in mulitples of 20.

20 Chocolate Witches
Individual foil wrapped, milk chocolate witches. Combines a foil wrapped chocolate body and printed card decoration. These chocolate witches are sold in multiples of 20. Ideal for halloween parties and halloween themed promotions.

Gift Bag of Assorted Halloween Chocolates
A gift bag of approximately 50, foil wrapped, assorted halloween, milk chocolate pumpkins, eyeballs and skulls. Ideal for halloween parties.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Free chocolate

Not often I get to post about free chocolate - but a must for chocolate lovers - find out how you can claim your free sampler bag of chocolate!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Top sweets

Chocolate bars and sweets online

huge range of sweets and choccie bars

10 Bassetti sticks 99p

5 Sherbet Fountains £1.25

5 Love Hearts Giant £1.20

20 Giant Drumsticks 99p

10 Wham Chew Bars £1.00

200g Jelly Belly Beans £3.75

10 Fizz Wizz Popping Candy £1.10

200g Barratt Candy Shrimps 99p

100g Flying Saucers £1.75

200g Black Jacks Chews 99p

5 Packs Chocolate Cigarettes £1.30

200g Anglo Bubbly 99p

200g Squirrel Floral Gums £1.40

20 Parma Voilet Rolls £1.10

12 Tom & Jerry Candy Sticks £1.50

5 Strawberry Jawbreaker Packets £1.10

200g Giant Jelly Pint Pots 95p

10 Chupa Chup Lollipops £1.50

10 Rainbow Drops £1.10 200g

Marshmallow Mix 99p

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Cream Egg twisted

We were very disappointed not to find cream egg bars on sale this year!


But they've bought out Cream Egg Twisted!

The new product has Creme Egg “goo” twisted in a chocolate tube and has an RRP of £0.46.

Watch out for the TV ads from 21st May.

Research from CTB revealed that 90% of consumers would like the Creme Egg experience throughout the year and as the “goo”, not the egg shape, is the key driver for consumption, the new format will appeal to both existing consumers and promote new trial.
Kate Harding, Trade Communications Manager at Cadbury Trebor Bassett comments: “Cadbury Creme Egg is the number one selling chocolate single in Spring and we are very excited about the launch of Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted which we hope will prove extremely popular with consumers.

I'm very disappointed. The cream egg bar was perfect for sharing. You broke pieces off and they were not dripping and gooey - perfect for passing around !

I think the new shape will be a mistake. It's not going to be as easy to share it. I'll be trying one as soon as I see one in the shops (Have seen them only in the Wholesalers at the moment!)

Monday, 5 May 2008

Amazing chocolate chip cookies

If you were looking for a chocolate chip cookie to die for this has to be it! Levain cookies from the Levian Bakery!

Summer chocolate

What's your favourite bar of chocolate to eat during the summer?

Do you like those that you can put in the fridge or chop up and put on top of icecream?

Why not try a bounty bar crushed up roughly with vanilla icecream? Or mars bar sliced up on top of chocolate icecream?

Dip summer fruit into chocolate and enjoy healthy fruit coated with delicious chocolate!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Chocolate is good for you

Fancy doing new things with chocolate? All of these gift experiences feature chocolate!


Chocoholics Experience for Two Welcome to chocolate heaven! £215

Lifestyle Choice Can't decide? Why not get a choice voucher? £99

Thames Dinner Cruise for Two Combine luxury with the best sites of the River
Thames £149

Alton Towers Child Entry A thrill a minute at the famous theme park £17

Balinese Spa Ritual Relax and unwind £165

Chocolate Making Workshop For chocolate lovers £69

Chocolate Making Workshop for Two For chocolate lovers £135

Learn To Be A Soldier Be the best of the best! £289

Amethyst Bouquet Beautiful bouquets £39

Cherry Blossom Bouquet Fantastic Flowers £17

Name a Box of chocolates The perfect gift for a true chocoholic £35

Manhattan Bouquet Fabulous flowers £27

Classic Carnations Bouquet Classic Carnations £14

Pure Chocolate Body Indulgence Chocolate that's good for your body £145

Chocolate Cookery The perfect experience for all chocoholics out there! £125

Kids Full Day Cookery Course With Hell's Kitchen's Stein Smart Kids in the kitchen

Full Day Cookery Course With Hell's Kitchen's Stein Smart Could you handle Hell's
kitchen? £195

Chocolate Manicure Pampering and chocolate - what could be better? £60

Mocha Spa Escape For Two Go mocha mad £85

Mocha Spa Escape Relax in style £75

Organic Chocolate Facial with Heated Foot Wrap Treatments good enough to eat!

Opal bouquet A stunning surprise £35

Oriental Orchid Bouquet Awesome Orchids £17

Chocolate Pedicure This little piggy had some chocolate… £60

12 Red Roses Ravishing roses £30

Exclusive Romantic Picnic Boat Trip for Two Romantic dining with a difference

Kids Half Day Cookery Course With Hell's Kitchen's Stein Smart Let your little
angel loose in the kitchen £85

Overnight Health Spa Break For Two - West Yorkshire Let the stress melt away!

KuBu Spa Ultimate Pampering Experience Pampering perfection! £245

Balinese Spa Ritual Exquisite pampering £124

Spa Weekends For Two People (Standard) If you are looking for a weekend spa
break to get away from it all, look no further than our Standar £299

Monday, 21 April 2008

No bake peanut butter smores

They call them smores, because you'll want more!

This no bake peanut butter smores recipe is very simple and you could adapt it with other treats, different types of chocolate or adding in more chocolate chips as you go.

Great recipe and could be used for snacks, parties for kids and adults alike.

Recipe is very simple
1 cup Ghirardelli semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup honey peanut butter (or plain peanut butter)
2 cups graham crackers, crushed (about 16 graham cracker sheets) - these are digestive biscuits for those of us in the UK
57 mini marshmallows (about 3/4 cup)
1/4 tsp cinnamon (I'd say this was optional)

I won't tell you how to make them - you can go and read the recipe and see the yummy pictures of them!
If you make some (I think I'll try tomorrow) then send me the pictures!

Monday, 7 April 2008

New kitkat bar - the kitkat senses

The kitkat senses looks a bit like a kinder bueno - but it's in three flavours - hazelnut pralines, caramel fudge and coconut eclair.
It's got 165 calories in - so it's lighter than most choccie bars that you might snack on. It's 5 chunky blocks in one bar.

I'm going to look out for one in the shops now I've spotted the TV ad.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Spring flavours at Hotel Chocolat

New spring collection is out at Hotel Chocolat and they've created some fruity chocolates to give your taste buds something new and exciting. Fruity flavours include:
blueberry & blackcurrant bombes, zingy ganaches with peach, raspberry, cognac & orange, cherry pannacotta, succulent mandarins and raspberries soaked in alcohol on a bed of soft vanilla ganache, strawberries & black pepper and more.

Changing the name of chocolate

Is it fair to change the name of chocolates and sweets?

You remember a marathon? It's not a snickers bar. Some of us still think of them as a marathon!

Starburst were opal fruits in the olden days! Opal fruits made to make your mouth water!

They changed the name of coco pops cereal too, but a wave of dissent made them change their mind!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chocolate slabs

This has to be the best way of eating chocolate!
Chocolate slabs have been available at Hotel Chocolat for ages but I've just tried their Rocky Road slab and it's out of this world. Imagine smooth creamy chocolate in a slab with lovely chunks of chocolate set into it, and lovely chocolate chip cookie embedded in it too.

It's very delicious and can be eaten as a treat or a snack, or you could share it.
They do mini versions which are a good size if you're after a quick dessert or snack. The large chocolate slabs are ideal for post-dinner party nibbles, or even as a dessert to serve with coffee.

Just imagine how great they'd be for giving as gifts too! They're available in many different flavours too with mixes of flavoured chocolate, dark, milk or white chocolate. With multi-packs available giving you a mixture of types you'll find these make excellent gifts for anyone - including yourself!

Highly recommended and utterly delicious like all of the chocolate at hotel chocolat!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Last chance for brilliant easter eggs from hotel chocolat

Hotel Chocolat have extended their delivery service on their chocolate Easter eggs, you can order up to 4pm on Thursday 20th March using their Gold delivery service for guaranteed delivery in time for Easter Sunday!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Prestat chocolates

Prestat chocolates are really delicious! Why not treat yourself to some mouthwatering yummy chocs from this wonderful online chocolate shop?

Four Bar Stack of Choxi+ Dark Chocolate Bars 70g

Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Milk Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffles

Four Bar Stack of Choxi+ Milk Choc with Orange

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg With Champagne Truffles

Large Heart of Chocs

Ginger Easter Egg

Four Bar Stack of Choxi+ Milk Chocolate Bars 75g

16 Choc Jewel Box Assortment

Four Bar Stack of Choxi+ Dark Choc with Mint

Rose & Violet Chocolate Cremes

Banoffee Truffles

Organic Dark & Rich Chocolate Wafers

Heart of Chocolates

36 Choc Jewel Box Assortment

Organic White Chocolate Infused with Orange

Orange with Lemon Truffles

Dark Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffles

Apricots in Chocolate

Organic Dark Chocolate Mint Wafers

Babes - Chocolate Enrobed Fruit Jellies

3 Choc Jewel Box Assortment

Organic Milk Choc Wafers with Ground Cinnamon

Organic Milk Choc Wafers Infused with Earl Grey

Prestat Special - Free Delivery, Free Vase
Make DeluxeMake Standard £54.99

The Mint Box

White Chocolate & Banoffee Easter Egg

Friday, 7 March 2008

Easter is the best time for chocolate

Is Easter the best time of year for Chocolate? All those lovely easter eggs, cream eggs, and copious amounts of mini eggs?

Or are you bored with the standard easter eggs?

Do you want to have the ultimate easter egg? Hotel Chocolat, one of my favourite chocolate companies has the most amazing range of chocolate eggs in the world.

Most normal easter eggs have thin amounts of chocolate in the shell. Hotel Chocolat buck this trend and give you thick chunky shells which are made with the most delicious chocolate ever.
This quality of chocolate makes the eggs stand out almost as much as the thickness itself! They really are amazing.

They've also got a huge extra thick egg collection too. These are even bigger and have more treats in them too!

You can also win a a free delivery voucher when you take part in hotel Chocolat's easter egg hunt game!

Their easter range includes from
Caramel Milk Egg Sandwich™
You Crack Me Up™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Serious Dark Fix Egg™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Rocky Road to Caramellow™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Your Eggsellency™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Milk & Hazelnut Praline Egg Sandwich
The Eggsibitionist™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
40% Milk Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
White Fusion Egg Sandwich
Milk Almond & Orange Egg Sandwich
Fruit & Nut Dark Egg Sandwich
Dark & Praline Fusion Egg Sandwich
Easter Lolly Selection x 4
72% Dark Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Crate of Eggs
What the Bunny Found - Dark Chocolate
Caramel Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Extra Large Rocky Road to Caramellow™ Egg
50% Milk Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Easter Hamper
The Eggsibitionist™ Extra Large Egg
White Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Extra Large Serious Dark Fix Egg™

The easter egg sandwiches are very special - they're
slices of interesting chocolate pressed between beautifully hand finished chocolate shells
With different flavours available you'll want to try them all!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Ideas for chocolate fountain party

Why not have a chocolate fountain party? If you've got some friends who love chocolate then why not arrange a party where the centre piece is the fountain.
You could ask friends to bring things to dip into the fountain - such as brownies, fruit, biscuits, marshmellows - whatever they like!

Why not use the image on the left for the invitation?
Write in the where and when and if you require them to bring anything

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Chocolate Fondue

We were out at a pub in Clifton when I noticed on the menu they had chocolate fondue.
It came with chocolate brownies, pineapple, strawberries, donuts and banana. It was absolutely lovely!

I didn't eat it all myself!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

English Creams from Fortnum and Mason

These yummy chocs are from Fortnum and Masons - they're called English creams and are rather yummy fruit fondant centres wrapped in delicious dark chocolate!

Fortnum and Mason are well known for their high quality teas and english foods.
So far we've had an orange cream, a pineapple cream and a mango cream. They're all rather yummy!
They were a gift from a company I work with and turned up unannounced just before Christmas!

EDIT: They were all absolutely lovely - very tasty!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Flavour your fountain

I've just been reading about some great ideas for flavouring your chocolate fountain.
When you're creating your chocolate mixture you can add in spirits and liquers.

Obviously if you're adding alcohol then you can't let children have any chocolate fountain so you'll have to restrict it to grown ups only. Which isn't a bad thing - the less sharing the better.

My top things to add would be rum, kahlua, and amaretto.
But you would have to consider who else was going to part-take. Only use one, else you'll get a horrible mix of flavours that'll cause wastage!

You could add in a drop of whiskey too if that is your favourite tipple.

Of course you could also serve drinks with the fountain and allow people to enjoy the flavours of booze and chocolate together.