Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sondey Cherry Jaffa Cakes

These are from Lidl. They're not very dear and come in packets of 300g. They also have a raspberry flavour too.

The cherry jaffa cakes appear to be a tiny bit smaller than normal jaffa cakes and have a delicate thread of white chocolate as decoration across the dark chocolate. They are mouthwateringly delicious. Packed with cherry flavour bit all on the top.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Ritter Chocolate

A Quarter Of - The Best Sweets Ever! Ritter Sport Chocolate
Ritter Sport - Butter Biscuit - smooth Ritter chocolate engulfing a cisp butter bisuit. These are really really good... they taste so luxurious. As combinations go, this is about as good as it gets!

Ritter Sport - Capuccino -smooth Ritter chocolate with a delicious coffee filling.

Ritter Sport - Fine Extra Dark - If you like your chocolate with that lovely intense flavour... with that lovely bitterness that you only get from really good, dark chocolate, give the Ritter Extra Dark Chocolate bars a try. They're really delicious, and made from a whopping 71% cocoa... wow-eee!

Ritter Sport - Hazelnut - smooth Ritter chocolate encasing whole hazelnuts.

Ritter Sport - Marzipan - smooth Ritter chocolate with a delicious almondy marzipan filling.
A favourite for the mazipan lover!

Ritter Sport - Peppermint - gorgeous, high quality alpine chocolate with a peppermint centre.

Ritter Sport - Praline -- smooth Ritter chocolate with a deliciously smooth praline filling

Ritter Sport - White Hazelnut - smooth creamy white Ritter chocolate encasing whole hazelnuts.

Ritter Sport - Whole Almond -smooth Ritter chocolate with deliciously crunchy whole almonds embedded within the chocolate - ideal if you like a bit of crunch with your chocolate!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hotel Chocolat for easter gifts

Hotel Chocolat has an amazing array of easter chocolate goodies including some
of the most massive easter eggs we've ever seen.

This online chocolate shop now has branches around the UK and ships all over
the world. If you're a chocoholic and you've not tried hotel
then I suggest you try them right now! Go on, treat yourself to
the best easter egg you'll ever have had.

Milk Oblivion Chunky Chocolate Egg - this delicious egg is made from velvety
smooth 40% cocoa milk chocolate. It'll be a whole new experience for your tastebuds
and will make you realise just what you've been missing all these years.


Ref.: 450118

Creamed Caramel Egg Sandwich - one of the prettiest and most unusual looking
easter eggs I've ever seen! It's made from two slabs of fused milk and white
chocolate studded with caramel milk chocolate buttons pressed between hollow
caramel chocolate shells. Utterly delicious!


Ref.: 450100

Rocky Road to Caramellow™ Extra Thick Easter Egg - caramellow is delicious.
Try this one if you love a smooth caramel flavour and all the treats of the
rocky road! Containing 12 gorgeous chocolates; macadamia and pecan pralines,
fruit and nut, caramel canapés, gianduja, and bunnies and chicks cast
in caramel and milk chocolate. When they say thick egg - they really do mean


Ref.: 450109

The Serious Dark Fix™ Extra Thick Easter Egg - a must for dark chocolate


Ref.: 450110

You Crack Me Up™ Extra Thick Easter Egg - one for the person who can't
decide what sort of chocolate they like best - One half of the egg shell is
made with a milk and white chocolate fusion, and the other in their 40% milk


Ref.: 450107

Happy Tiddly Pot Egg - a happy egg with milk chocolate Pod Bunnies and Chirpy
Chicks inside.


Ref.: 450112

Rocky Road Ostrich Egg - Weight: 1.4kg approx - how amazing would this be to
get at easter?


Ref.: 450114

Smooth Praline Egg Sandwich - very pretty and bound to be as tasty as it looks
- two chunky slabs of fused milk and white chocolate praline pressed between
hollow milk chocolate shells.


Ref.: 450101

Easter Hamper - a box of yummy chocolate treats


Ref.: 450122

Grumpy Tiddly Pot Egg - for the grumpy person in your life. Comes with a tub
of solid milk chocolate Pod Bunnies and Chirpy Chicks


Ref.: 450113

The Eggsibitionist™ Extra Thick Easter Egg - a yummy egg containing a
dozen hand decorated mini eggs filled with orange and hazelnut pralines, strawberry
and vanilla mousses, praline with crunchy biscuit and chocolate brownie. Oh
yes! This is the thing you want.


Ref.: 450108

Strawberry Sensation Egg Sandwich - looks pretty in pink and tastes mouthwateringly
good - white and strawberry white chocolate studded with meringue pieces


Ref.: 450104

Fruit & Nut Egg Sandwich - everyone's a fruit and nut case! Much better
than that - it's two chunky slabs of fused dark and milk chocolate studded with
dried fruit and nuts pressed between hollow milk chocolate shell


Ref.: 450103

Easter Nest - a lovely nestful of eggs filled with smooth hazelnut praline and
praline blended with nibbly pieces of butterscotch and crispy pancake.


Ref.: 110495

Your Eggsellency™ Extra Thick Easter Egg - milk and dark outer egg containing
10 hand-finished truffle eggs filled with pink champagne, rum & raisin,
orange liqueur, kir royal and whisky.


Ref.: 450111

Creamed Caramel Chunky Chocolate Egg - caramel egg filled with even yummier
caramel and pecan pralines, soft mellow caramel, butterscotch ganache and caramel
baby truffles.


Ref.: 450117

Blueberry Egg Sandwich - a picture in purple. Almost too good to eat - slabs
of fused dark chocolate and naturally flavoured blueberry white chocolate pressed
between hollow dark chocolate shells.


Ref.: 450105

Milk Chocolate Easter Eggies - egg chocolates - smooth hazelnut praline and
soft vanilla-accented white chocolate.


Ref.: 110490

Just Truffles Chunky Chocolate Egg - 50% cocoa egg stuffed with champagne, Tiramisu,
café latte, Calvados, cointreau and rum ganache chocolates


Ref.: 450119

Confused Tiddly Pot Egg - when you can't make up your mind maybe - give them
one of these.


Ref.: 450102

Full on Dark Chunky Chocolate Egg - dark egg with chilli truffles, silky gianduja
and zesty Valencia orange,


Ref.: 450120

Pure White Chunky Chocolate Egg - for the white chocolate lover


Ref.: 450116

Easter Lolly Selection x 4 - these are very cute! Ideal for the younger chocolate


Ref.: 450124

Dark Chocolate Easter Eggies - yummy chocolates in the shape of pretty eggs


Ref.: 110489

Serious Dark Fix™ Ostrich Egg - a massively huge egg - packed with the
best dark chocolate you can find.


Ref.: 450115

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Chocolate Trading company Voucher

Trading Company

6% off all Products


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Friday, 13 February 2009

chocolate trading company vouchers


Chocolate Trading Company 

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Chocolate Trading Company 

Free red chocolate hearts gift bag


Friday, 6 February 2009

Melt - new chocolate shop

Yummy! This looks fantastic!

Melt - delicious chocolates made every day

Sea Salted Caramels
Award-winning Maldon sea salted caramels have been described as addictive, they are so good.

White chocolate & raspberry bonbons - we often have a waiting list for these. A fresh raspberry puree is paired with a white chocolate rolled with fresh mint.

Melt Trio Bar - Three delicious chunks. Milk chocolate, 35% with toasted coconut. White chocolate with freeze-dried blackberries. 66% Dark chocolate, with peppermint. Flavours may...

Sparkle Disks - These very pretty ‘Sparkles’ are discs of white and dark chocolate decorated with tiny silver balls – designed to be table decorations or after dinner for a festive... £15.00

Hampers - Delicious Melt 90g bars from the Melt Bar Collection, chocolate jam, chocolate rochers, a wonderful chocolate book for delicious bedtime reading, our amazing hot... £85.00
Brown Cube - 1/2 a kilo of Melts delicious, award winning, fresh chocolates straight from our kitchen, an irresistable luxury for Christmas. £60.00
Space Men & Rockets - Popular with both young and old. Following our philosophy that children deserve good chocolate too. Rich dark chocolate, 66% cocoa min, silky milk chocolate, 35% cocoa... £12.00
Small Hamper = A fabulous chocolate book, delicious single origin hot chocolate blocks with a Melt cup, marshmallows straight from the kitchen dipped in chocolate. £55.00

* White Chocolate
* Dark Chocolate
* Milk Chocolate
* Spicy
* Fruit Favourites
* Caramels
* Festive
* Our Favourites
* Cubes
* Melt Bar Collection
* Assortments
* Truffles
* Other
* Nutty
* Children Hour
* Valentine

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Chocolate Buttons

A chocolate shop you should try - Chocolate Buttons -

Lots of yummy sweets - available in 200g, 1kg or even 3kg jars!
Fantastic way of buying sweets that you loved when you were a kid!

For old fashioned sweets

* Boiled Sweets (unwrapped)
* Boiled Sweets (wrapped)
* Bubble Gum
* Candy
* Chewing Gum
* Chew Bars
* Chews
* Chocolate Bars
* Chocolate Covered
* Crisps and Snacks
* Football
* Fruits & Mints
* Gobstoppers
* Gums and Jellies
* Jars of Sweets
* Jelly Belly Beans
* Liquorice
* Lollipops
* Lucky Bags
* Marshmallows
* Novelty
* Rock Sweets
* Sherbet
* Special Packs
* Sugar Free Sweets
* Toffee & Fudge
* Turkish Delight
* Whips & Stix

Gourmet sweets
* Candy Canes
* Chocolate Cigars
* Whirly Pops
* Chocolate Coins
* Chocolate Gifts
* Chocolate Novelties
* Foiled Chocolate Balls
* Jelly Belly Beans
* Napolitans