Friday, 16 May 2008

Top sweets

Chocolate bars and sweets online

huge range of sweets and choccie bars

10 Bassetti sticks 99p

5 Sherbet Fountains £1.25

5 Love Hearts Giant £1.20

20 Giant Drumsticks 99p

10 Wham Chew Bars £1.00

200g Jelly Belly Beans £3.75

10 Fizz Wizz Popping Candy £1.10

200g Barratt Candy Shrimps 99p

100g Flying Saucers £1.75

200g Black Jacks Chews 99p

5 Packs Chocolate Cigarettes £1.30

200g Anglo Bubbly 99p

200g Squirrel Floral Gums £1.40

20 Parma Voilet Rolls £1.10

12 Tom & Jerry Candy Sticks £1.50

5 Strawberry Jawbreaker Packets £1.10

200g Giant Jelly Pint Pots 95p

10 Chupa Chup Lollipops £1.50

10 Rainbow Drops £1.10 200g

Marshmallow Mix 99p

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Cream Egg twisted

We were very disappointed not to find cream egg bars on sale this year!


But they've bought out Cream Egg Twisted!

The new product has Creme Egg “goo” twisted in a chocolate tube and has an RRP of £0.46.

Watch out for the TV ads from 21st May.

Research from CTB revealed that 90% of consumers would like the Creme Egg experience throughout the year and as the “goo”, not the egg shape, is the key driver for consumption, the new format will appeal to both existing consumers and promote new trial.
Kate Harding, Trade Communications Manager at Cadbury Trebor Bassett comments: “Cadbury Creme Egg is the number one selling chocolate single in Spring and we are very excited about the launch of Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted which we hope will prove extremely popular with consumers.

I'm very disappointed. The cream egg bar was perfect for sharing. You broke pieces off and they were not dripping and gooey - perfect for passing around !

I think the new shape will be a mistake. It's not going to be as easy to share it. I'll be trying one as soon as I see one in the shops (Have seen them only in the Wholesalers at the moment!)

Monday, 5 May 2008

Amazing chocolate chip cookies

If you were looking for a chocolate chip cookie to die for this has to be it! Levain cookies from the Levian Bakery!

Summer chocolate

What's your favourite bar of chocolate to eat during the summer?

Do you like those that you can put in the fridge or chop up and put on top of icecream?

Why not try a bounty bar crushed up roughly with vanilla icecream? Or mars bar sliced up on top of chocolate icecream?

Dip summer fruit into chocolate and enjoy healthy fruit coated with delicious chocolate!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Chocolate is good for you

Fancy doing new things with chocolate? All of these gift experiences feature chocolate!


Chocoholics Experience for Two Welcome to chocolate heaven! £215

Lifestyle Choice Can't decide? Why not get a choice voucher? £99

Thames Dinner Cruise for Two Combine luxury with the best sites of the River
Thames £149

Alton Towers Child Entry A thrill a minute at the famous theme park £17

Balinese Spa Ritual Relax and unwind £165

Chocolate Making Workshop For chocolate lovers £69

Chocolate Making Workshop for Two For chocolate lovers £135

Learn To Be A Soldier Be the best of the best! £289

Amethyst Bouquet Beautiful bouquets £39

Cherry Blossom Bouquet Fantastic Flowers £17

Name a Box of chocolates The perfect gift for a true chocoholic £35

Manhattan Bouquet Fabulous flowers £27

Classic Carnations Bouquet Classic Carnations £14

Pure Chocolate Body Indulgence Chocolate that's good for your body £145

Chocolate Cookery The perfect experience for all chocoholics out there! £125

Kids Full Day Cookery Course With Hell's Kitchen's Stein Smart Kids in the kitchen

Full Day Cookery Course With Hell's Kitchen's Stein Smart Could you handle Hell's
kitchen? £195

Chocolate Manicure Pampering and chocolate - what could be better? £60

Mocha Spa Escape For Two Go mocha mad £85

Mocha Spa Escape Relax in style £75

Organic Chocolate Facial with Heated Foot Wrap Treatments good enough to eat!

Opal bouquet A stunning surprise £35

Oriental Orchid Bouquet Awesome Orchids £17

Chocolate Pedicure This little piggy had some chocolate… £60

12 Red Roses Ravishing roses £30

Exclusive Romantic Picnic Boat Trip for Two Romantic dining with a difference

Kids Half Day Cookery Course With Hell's Kitchen's Stein Smart Let your little
angel loose in the kitchen £85

Overnight Health Spa Break For Two - West Yorkshire Let the stress melt away!

KuBu Spa Ultimate Pampering Experience Pampering perfection! £245

Balinese Spa Ritual Exquisite pampering £124

Spa Weekends For Two People (Standard) If you are looking for a weekend spa
break to get away from it all, look no further than our Standar £299