Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chocolate slabs

This has to be the best way of eating chocolate!
Chocolate slabs have been available at Hotel Chocolat for ages but I've just tried their Rocky Road slab and it's out of this world. Imagine smooth creamy chocolate in a slab with lovely chunks of chocolate set into it, and lovely chocolate chip cookie embedded in it too.

It's very delicious and can be eaten as a treat or a snack, or you could share it.
They do mini versions which are a good size if you're after a quick dessert or snack. The large chocolate slabs are ideal for post-dinner party nibbles, or even as a dessert to serve with coffee.

Just imagine how great they'd be for giving as gifts too! They're available in many different flavours too with mixes of flavoured chocolate, dark, milk or white chocolate. With multi-packs available giving you a mixture of types you'll find these make excellent gifts for anyone - including yourself!

Highly recommended and utterly delicious like all of the chocolate at hotel chocolat!

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