Friday, 7 March 2008

Easter is the best time for chocolate

Is Easter the best time of year for Chocolate? All those lovely easter eggs, cream eggs, and copious amounts of mini eggs?

Or are you bored with the standard easter eggs?

Do you want to have the ultimate easter egg? Hotel Chocolat, one of my favourite chocolate companies has the most amazing range of chocolate eggs in the world.

Most normal easter eggs have thin amounts of chocolate in the shell. Hotel Chocolat buck this trend and give you thick chunky shells which are made with the most delicious chocolate ever.
This quality of chocolate makes the eggs stand out almost as much as the thickness itself! They really are amazing.

They've also got a huge extra thick egg collection too. These are even bigger and have more treats in them too!

You can also win a a free delivery voucher when you take part in hotel Chocolat's easter egg hunt game!

Their easter range includes from
Caramel Milk Egg Sandwich™
You Crack Me Up™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Serious Dark Fix Egg™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Rocky Road to Caramellow™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Your Eggsellency™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
Milk & Hazelnut Praline Egg Sandwich
The Eggsibitionist™ Extra Thick Easter Egg
40% Milk Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
White Fusion Egg Sandwich
Milk Almond & Orange Egg Sandwich
Fruit & Nut Dark Egg Sandwich
Dark & Praline Fusion Egg Sandwich
Easter Lolly Selection x 4
72% Dark Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Crate of Eggs
What the Bunny Found - Dark Chocolate
Caramel Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Extra Large Rocky Road to Caramellow™ Egg
50% Milk Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Easter Hamper
The Eggsibitionist™ Extra Large Egg
White Chocolate Engraved Easter Egg
Extra Large Serious Dark Fix Egg™

The easter egg sandwiches are very special - they're
slices of interesting chocolate pressed between beautifully hand finished chocolate shells
With different flavours available you'll want to try them all!

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