Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Chocolate and why it makes a great gift

Here are a few facts you probably didn't know about chocolate and why it's great for a gift;

1. Antioxidant - Feeling icky over the winter period? There have been scientific studies recently that show cocoa has antioxidant properties. Especially in the dark chocolate or high % cocoa chocolate. Chocolate Trading Company have chocolate bars up to 100% cocoa!

2. Aphrodisiac - If you want some loving this Christmas, why not get your loved one some chocolate? Chocolate contains sugar, sugar makes people happy. Chocolate has always traditionally been given as a gift, especially when courting! There are loads of gift boxes to choose from at Chocolate Trading Company. Make your loved one feel special this Christmas with one of these.

3. You can create your own gift hampers -If you don't like strawberry creams or coffee flavoured chocolates, there is no need to worry. At Chocolate Trading Company you can make your own gift hamper.Simply choose the size you wantand fill it with all your favourite chocolates. You can even add wine or champagne to make it extra special. Create your hamper here.

4. Great for parties - If you haven't got a chocolate fountain, now is the time to get one. Chocolate Fountains are great for parties or to use on your own. You can dip all sorts of yummy treats into the fountain, biscuits, fruits and marshmallows are just a few ideas. This Chocolate Fountain comes with some free chocolate to get you started, but if you run out you can get some more in white, milk or dark!

5. Varies in price - Chocolate Trading company cater to all price ranges with the following price selections;

Under £5

£5 - £10

£10 - £20

£20 - £30

£30 - £40

£40 and above

6. You get free stuff! - If you order over £20 worth of chocolate and enter the code "freegift" in the shopping basket, you get a free sampler bag of chocolate including goodies from all the finest chocolate makers in the world. You can even use the freebie as a present it is just that good!

7. You can cook sweet and savory dishes with it -Savoury chocolate? You must be kidding right? Nope, Chocolate Trading Company have a massive range of recipes on their site including 'Ugly Chocolate Omlette' and 'Caviar and Chocolate'. So you can buy some chocolate and create a feast with it.

8. Chocolates for special diets - Chocolate Trading Company have tried to cater for all diets with their massive ranges of chocolates created for all types of diet;

Alcohol Free - for all the tee-totallers this Christmas

Dairy Free

Diabetic/Sugar Free

Soya Leciten Free

Wheat and Gluten Free

9. Organic And Fair Trade Chocolates - For all of us who support the environment and those who work to create the chocolate we consume at Christmas, Chocolate Trading company have a huge range of Organic Chocolates and Fair Trade Chocolates, meaning you can over-indulge completely guilt free!

10. They are fun - No Christmas is complete without getting some form of novelty chocolate. Hanging in your tree or shoving them straight in your mouth, they are great fun and always entertaining over the Christmas period. Check out the massive range of Christmas Gifts and Christmas Novelties Chocolate Trading Company have here.

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